You’ve purchased the right keywords for your paid campaign, but will the ads themselves garner attention and capture your audience? Influence in SEM has shifted from bid management to quality score, and a paid ad needs to be optimized in addition to being strategically placed in order to achieve top placement. Quality score as a major factor is relatively new, but the practices of achieving a strong quality score have been SEO practices for years, and are ingrained in UpWord’s roots. As a seasoned SEO thought-leader, UpWord brings its experience in optimization to SEM accounts to ensure your paid ads are receiving the highest quality score they can, and in turn maximizing their potential for click throughs and conversions at a lower CPC.

UpWord develops an SEM strategy for you to spend the right amount in the right places, in order to get the right traffic. Our management team supports your campaign throughout, and our analytics and reporting services track the progress of your search campaign, allowing us to make changes instantly and keep up with the dynamic search landscape. UpWord’s SEM goals are simple: maximize your ROI, boost conversions and lead generations, and drive users towards an engaging experience with your digital presence.

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Thorough competitive analysis, internal data analysis, and external market research, are provided to help identify your strategic opportunity areas.


Marketing plans are not a commodity, we provide each client with a completely customized strategy and roadmap, developed by real people with real experience.


Strategy without execution leads to nothing but fancy PowerPoints. UpWord creates and manages projects across all stakeholders to make sure recommendations turn into actions.


Results, good and bad, are measured and analyzed for causation factors which can then be used to develop ongoing scalable solutions. There is no lack of data and we look at it all.

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