Track More with Google Tag Manager V2

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1. Track PDFs as Pageviews 2. YouTube Analytics Tracking 3. Adwords Conversion Tracking 4. Endless Possibilities Most people know that Google Tag Manager is not a new tool. However, it was updated for all users on May 20, 2015—with a better user interface and simplified ways of achieving the tracking needs of marketers. For many users, though, Tag Manager remains …

Alex BourretTrack More with Google Tag Manager V2

Hallmarks of Good Content: A Conversation

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Recently I posed the following question to some team members via email: what are your preferred indicators of successful content? Are they metrics, qualitative, or anecdotal? The over-arching trends that everyone seemed to touch on were: Metrics are only meaningful when we consider goals and context. Targeting specific audiences is important, even if it means sacrificing total traffic and engagement. …

Brian KavanaughHallmarks of Good Content: A Conversation

Venice Update: 1 year later – Measuring the Impact on Local Search

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Back in February 2012, you may have noticed fluctuation in your website’s rankings, traffic, or conversions. One of the main reasons for this fluctuation could be due to Google’s Venice Update. I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with this update to understand how search engines are becoming more personalized and local. Have you measured the impact of the Venice update on …

Robert CavillaVenice Update: 1 year later – Measuring the Impact on Local Search