Your site is generating a lot of traffic, that’s fantastic. But what happens when conversion rates are down? Can you tell what is popular and where the drop offs are? UpWord uses advanced metrics and analysis in order to track the true pulse of your site. We provide all the data in an organized fashion, but you could do that on your own. What we pride ourselves on is providing a thorough analysis of data accompanied by next step action items, so you are never left asking “well what does this mean, and what do I do?” With our Analytics service, your web site is never on auto pilot. We monitor, we analyze, and we adjust, so that you’re getting the best possible traffic and your ROI is maximized.

The UpWord Analytics service is the best way to gauge how people are interacting with your site and pinpoint precisely where a problem lives. We track optimization and usability and develop creative solutions so that the user experience is seamless, maximizing potential for conversion. UpWord’s goal is not only to help you get people to your site, but to keep them engaged and coming back, and analytics are at the heart of every strategy that we develop.There are two ways to get more business from your web site- increase your traffic, or convert traffic at a higher rate. Our Search programs coupled with an Analytics package achieve both.

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Thorough competitive analysis, internal data analysis, and external market research, are provided to help identify your strategic opportunity areas.


Marketing plans are not a commodity, we provide each client with a completely customized strategy and roadmap, developed by real people with real experience.


Strategy without execution leads to nothing but fancy PowerPoints. UpWord creates and manages projects across all stakeholders to make sure recommendations turn into actions.


Results, good and bad, are measured and analyzed for causation factors which can then be used to develop ongoing scalable solutions. There is no lack of data and we look at it all.

Alex BourretAnalytics (CRO)